Call for papers

This page includes the entire call for papers as it has been distributed. The content of the call is also to be found at other pages at the workshop website.

Practitioners and researchers working on how to use social media for innovation purposes are invited to a full day workshop.

Time: December 3, 2012
Place: Oslo, Norway

Workshop webpage:

We invite practitioners and researchers alike to contribute with papers on practical experience and scientific research.

Deadline for submissions: September 20.

All accepted papers will be published in the ISBN-numbered workshop proceedings and also made available online as open access. Papers should be 4-8 page papers, following the workshop manuscript template.

Submissions are to be made in the EasyChair conference management system.

There is a growing awareness that knowledge and creative capacity exist also outside to the R&D department, and user-centric innovation is the order of the day. In this context, social media is seen as a promising means to reach external contributors to the innovation process, and social media are increasingly employed to involve users, external experts, or co-workers in collaborative innovation processes.

Social media are applied for a wide range of innovation purposes. Context knowledge and inspirational material is collected trough social networks and discussion forums. Ideation and early concept development are supported by solutions for user community ideation and open innovation platforms connecting seekers and solvers User feedback on prototypes and running versions is provided through solutions adapted to Living Lab innovation purposes. And, finally, corporate innovation culture is supported by business solutions for microblogging and web-based collaborative platforms.

Although the uses of social media for innovation purposes are varied, some key challenges are common across all such uses:

  • How to design, adapt and utilize social media for a particular innovation need?
  • How to integrate the contributions from social media in the general innovation process?
  • How to recruit and motivate the participants in social media innovation processes?

The workshop will be an arena for researchers and practitioners to share experiences and perspectives of relevance to the successful employment of social media for innovation.
We aim for a broad spectrum of contributions, covering social media utilizations as diverse as

  • idea generation and management
  • user and community involvement
  • enterprise 2.0
  • participatory design
  • Living Lab innovation
  • open innovation
  • lead user innovation.

The outcome of the workshop will be the publication of a peer-reviewed workshop proceeding (ISBN-numbered), creative collaboration and sharing between experts in the field, and the establishment of an informal international network within this rapidly growing field.

The workshop is open to anyone interested in the field, whether you contribute to the workshop proceedings or not. At the same time, the workshop is a good opportunity to present practical experiences, research findings or ongoing work.

We encourage researchers and practitioners to contribute workshop papers on theoretical reflections, practical experiences, or the results of empirical studies. Papers should be 4-8 page papers, following the workshop manuscript template.

Submissions are to be made in the EasyChair conference management system. Submission deadline: September 20, 2012.

All submissions will be reviewed by three independent reviewers, and accepted papers are included in the printed workshop proceedings and published open access at the workshop web page.

We hope you will take this opportunity to share your experience and knowledge on innovation through social media, and to learn from your peers in this rapidly evolving field.

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